No Pasta No Party! Pax Romana Opens in White Plains on Post Rd.

“No Pasta No Party” is their catch phrase, and we have to admit, that is true! After our quick visit to NEW Pax Romana in White Plains! We’re so excited about Pax Romana reopening!

Pax Romana is owned and operated by the same people who owned the restaurant
on the corner of Post Rd & Waller Ave. in White Plains.  It’s like they took the old restaurant and moved it into a new space, literally a few stores down from the original location of the restaurant, now located on Post Road next to Lola’s.

What we loved about the old Pax Romana is true for this location, the freshest pasta around! The PASTA BAR is back! Learn how to make (and eat) your own pasta from scratch! What a great way to get a group of friends/family together for a party.

It has a nice little copper bar in front, a pasta bar and several tables lining the walls. There is an entrance from the parking lot as well as on Post Rd. Everything is new! The owners took the old Vino 100 space and turned into a new restaurant and bar.

Though the pasta will always be fresh, our excitement for this new italian restaurant and menu will never get stale!

Pax Romana
171 E Post Rd (3.30 mi)
White Plains, New York 10601
Hours 12:00 PM – 1:00 AM
Phone: (914) 831-3303


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